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2020 NT Election

The Environment Centre NT has produced an independent scorecard assessing the policies of the major parties ahead of the Northern Territory 2020 election. Major parties have responded to our detailed survey providing answers to our key policy asks. 

Our scorecard is simply a snapshot of key environmental policies. The devil is always in the detail, so we encourage you to read the survey responses from each of the parties. You can read the responses here.

View the scorecard below or download

You can view the Environment Centre NT's election asks in detail below the summary. 

Summary of Election Asks

Action on Climate Change 

  • Implement a Climate Change Act to legislate a target of net zero emissions by 2050, including interim 5 yearly targets 
  • Create a whole-of-government legislated climate change strategy providing a framework for mitigation and adaption strategies across all sectors and government departments
  • Create detailed regional climate adaptation planning, prioritising planning for health, sustainability and liveability of remote Aboriginal communities, low-income households and other vulnerable groups  

Ban Fracking 

  • Create a permanent ban on oil and gas fracking, including immediate legislative changes to prevent new fracking environmental management plans (EMP's) from being approved 
  • Commit to no public (government) funds for the fracking industry, including no new gas or oil pipelines  

Protecting water, our most precious resource 

  • Implement a Safe Drinking Water Act to provide regulatory protection and accountability for the provision of safe and adequate drinking water for all Territorians, including enforceable minimum standards for drinking water quality 
  • Strengthen the Water Act to include a power to reserve drinking water supply above other consumptive uses across the NT
  • Strengthen the Water Act to include protections for environmental and cultural flows and establish an allocation decision making framework, across the NT, based on science
  • Develop an overarching Water Strategy for water security, sustainable use and resilience - to protect our most precious resource  

A just and clean economic recovery for a more sustainable future  

  • Repowering the Northern Territory with renewable energy in line with the Repower NT 10-Point Plan including: 
    • Deliver a 50% renewable energy target by 2030 
    • Mandate the installation of solar panels for all new government buildings, including social and affordable housing
    • Undertake a feasibility study, to build a HVDC transmission line between Darwin and Alice Springs
    • Establish the NT as a Renewable Energy Territory and support a renewable hydrogen pilot plant 

Protect our Coasts  

  • Commit to the implementation of the Plan to safeguard our coasts, including the development of two regional coastal plans using spatial marine planning with the involvement of Traditional Owners, stakeholders and local communities 
  • Commit to providing the necessary funds to implement the Plan: $1.2m per year recurrent ($4.8m over 4 years)
  • Commit to a permanent ban on seabed mining in Top End waters
  • Commit to implementing a Darwin Harbour Strategy and fund a Strategic Environmental Assessment of Darwin Harbour  

Strengthening our environmental and mining laws 

  • Bring the Waste Management and Pollution Control Act 1998 (NT) into the Environment Protection Act 2019 (NT) 
  • Bring the environmental provisions of the Mining Management Act 2001 (NT) into the Environment Protection Act 2019
  • Legislate for a register of lobbyists, disclosure of lobbyists’ clients, and compliance with a code of conduct by those lobbyists
  • Require the public disclosure of all mining management plans and mining authorisations 
  • Regulate land clearing and support conservation by implementing A Biodiversity Conservation and Land Management Act for the NT  

Build and Recover for Energy Efficiency 

  • Adopt NCC 2019 Section J, basic minimum energy efficiency regulations for new commercial buildings 
  • Increase minimum energy efficiency standards for new and refurbished residential buildings to at least 8 stars
  • Use the ACOSS Joint Proposal for Economic Stimulus Healthy and Affordable homes to stimulate the economy in the Covid-19 recovery
  • Ensure AC units provided to social and government housing are split system inverters, not box A/Cs for efficiency and lower power bills  

Stop the spread of Gamba Grass 

  • Commit to increase resources to fund the fight against gamba grass in the NT to protect lives, homes and the environment  

Caring for Country 

  • Commit to increasing the capacity of ranger groups by doubling funding for the Aboriginal Ranger Grants program 
  • Funding for employment and traineeships to school leavers and the community for ‘learning on country’ cultural programs.  

Healthy, safe and liveable housing in an increasingly extreme climate 

  • Commit to spending $1.1B to address overcrowding and homelessness over the period 2018-2028 under Our Community. Our Future. Our Homes program 
  • Commit $426M over the period 2018-2023 to improving infrastructure and creating new serviced lots in remote communities
  • Invest in HealthHabitat’s ‘Survey and Fix’ program across all remote NT communities
  • A managed transition from the current public housing system to a community housing model consistent with the principle of self-determination and local decision making. 
  • Invest in a program of tree planting and landscape maintenance to achieve environmental health and climate resilience outcomes
  • Allocate at least $30 million per year to enable the repair, replacement and maintenance of ageing remote water infrastructure; identification of new potable water supplies; and, installation of technological solutions to better utilise non-potable water 

Briefing Papers provided to parties