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COOLmob aims to help and inspire Territorians to take positive action to reduce their climate impact by living more sustainably. 

COOLmob works to achieve the following goals:

  • Promote more energy efficient households and businesses in the NT
  • Build the capacity of Territorians to improve the energy efficiency of their households and businesses
  • Promote sustainable living solutions in the NT by providing Territorians with accessible, relevant and handy information to reduce their environmental impact
  • Work with local schools to teach young Territorians how they can reduce their climate impact and live more sustainably
  • Provide advice to small business, industry and government where relevant . 

COOLmob is currently running two grant funded programs in Darwin, a waste education school program and a sustainable apartments program. 

Visit the COOLmob website for more information on our projects and campaigns, and local case studies and resources for your home.

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