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Gamba grass: Will it change the Top End forever?

SUNDAY 28 JUN 2020 | 11:00AM - 12:15PM

Online Zoom webinar

Join ecologist Dave Liddle and others as we look at the fascinating story of how this pasture grass from Africa got to the Top End, got out of control and now threatens to replace our ancient woodlands with 4 metre-high grasslands - unless we either import giraffes to graze it or plan and work together to stop it's progress. Whole habitats, animals and plant species are at stake, as can be seen around the town of Batchelor -  where we can glimpse what a future Northern Australian landscape may look like. There Bushfires NT volunteers risk their lives when gamba goes up in flames late in the dry season, and often buildings and equipment are destroyed due to fuel loads four to ten times greater than native grasses. Trees disappear from the landscape as gamba's fire cycle takes over. 
Yet only a few decades ago gamba was actively promoted to pastoralists by the NT Government, and before that a fortune was spent - on bringing from Africa the most robust and aggressive specimens of the species our scientists could find. Yet once this grass reaches 4 metres, cattle just leave it alone - to spread.....  and spread.......
So how bad is it now and how bad might it get? What is being done now, and what more can be done? What can you do? We'll discuss these questions with people passionate about saving our ancient landscapes and habitats from a "grass with good intentions" that is ending up way too much of  a good  thing.

We encourage donations if attending these webinars. Our volunteer panelists and organisers put in a great deal of work to run these, and this enables us to reach our 2020 fundraising goals and continue running events and webinars just like this. You are able to make a voluntary donation on our Territory Guardian donation page. 

For further information about this workshop, or if you’d like to join our panel, contact Andy Peart. 
Online Zoom webinar
Andy Peart · 0429427685
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