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Our Nature: Our Future

We live in a special place. The Northern Territory’s nature is exceptional on a local, national and international scale, from its vast savanna woodlands, to its free-flowing rivers and wetlands, to its spectacular escarpments and iconic desert landscapes.

Download the ECNT Nature Laws Discussion Paper here.

Our nature is intrinsic to our life, our economy, our society and our culture.

The rich biodiversity of the NT sustains human and all other life, with our existence dependent on healthy, functioning and resilient ecosystems. It also underpins our economy and social and cultural life through the creation of jobs and livelihoods via nature-based tourism, land and sea management, and providing opportunities for camping, bushwalking, cruises, tours and engagement with Indigenous culture.

Nature is an indivisible part of life, and therefore all Territorians have a responsibility for its conservation, now and for future generations.

Download the ECNT Nature Laws Discussion Paper here.

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