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Rapid Creek is one of the most beloved places in Darwin. It is Darwin's only freshwater source, supports a number of important remnant vegetation communities, and has been an important cultural and sacred site for the Larrakia for many thousands of years.  It is cherished by people in Darwin for its swimming, fishing, and as a recreational site.

But did you know that the health of Rapid Creek depends on the health of its catchment some distance away, including at Marrara swamp?

Our beloved Rapid Creek is at risk from a proposed housing development in its catchment, on Boulter Road in Marrara. This development would encroach on the conservation zone, which was hard fought for by groups including Rapid Creek Landcare for many years. Land on the site was illegally cleared some years ago, without prosecution due to the weakness in the Territory’s planning laws at that time.

The Development Consent Authority is hearing this application this Friday 19 March 2021.

The Environment Centre NT calls on our community to sign on to support our submission opposing this proposed development; to show how much we care for Rapid Creek. The below submission will be handed to the Development Consent Authority at the hearing.

We, the undersigned, request as a matter of urgency:

(a)    the proposal/subdivision be redesigned by the developer as follows:

        (i)     to be consistent with zoning under the NT Planning Scheme there must be no development and/or vegetation clearing within the conservation zone;
        (ii)    the number of lots be reduced in order to meet the minimum block size of 4000 square metres for the Zone RR blocks; and
        (iii)   a wetland filter be constructed which could act as a stormwater retention basin.

(b)    furthermore, the proposal be referred to the NTEPA for assessment under the Environment Protection Act 2019; and

(c)    an authority certificate be obtained from the Aboriginal Areas Protection Authority under the Northern Territory Aboriginal Sacred Sites Act 1989.


ECNT calls on our community to sign on to this petition opposing this development, to show how much we care for Rapid Creek.  The petition will be handed to the Darwin Consent Authority at the hearing.