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A very warm welcome to Darwin's newest residents: the Gouldian Finches of Lee Point. 

Right now, bulldozers are descending on Lee Point to clear 110 hectares of land for defence housing but, miraculously, flocks of Gouldian Finches have just been spotted in the area.

Contact the Federal Environment Minister now to call for a halt to clearing.

The Gouldian Finch is an Endangered species (listed under the EPBC Act) and people come from all over the world to spot this unique creature. Now, it has been found in the suburbs of Darwin. We can’t let its habitat be bulldozed. 

When the approvals to clear the land were given under federal environment legislation, they were given on the basis that Gouldian Finches don’t breed or feed in the area.

But now, hundreds of Gouldian Finches have been sighted in the area, including juveniles. Minister Plibersek needs to intervene to re-assess the approvals in light of this development.

Sign the petition to save Gouldian Finch habitat and our beloved Lee Point. 

Image credit: Tobias Akesson