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Support the Tiwi win against Santos

Tiwi people have secured a historic victory and defeated Santos once again. The Court's decision means that Santos' plans to drilll the offshore Barossa gas field are now invalid because they failed to consult Tiwi people. Tiwi people have secured a vindication from the Federal Court that First Nations people have a right to be heard about the projects that take place on their Country, including Sea Country. 

Santos, to their shame, fought Traditional Owners tooth and nail the whole way, arguing that Tiwi people weren’t relevant, and that it was too onerous to be required to talk to them. Now, their drilling plan has been invalidated by the Federal Court.

We have no doubt that Santos and other gas companies are behind the scenes lobbying for changes to the regulations. We can’t let this happen—we MUST let Labor know to protect the judgement.

Sign opposite to call on the Prime Minister to protect the right of Traditional Owners to be consulted about offshore oil and gas projects which impact them.