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Wet season burning: is it time to change how we manage fire in the Top End? (online webinar)

TUESDAY 24 NOV 2020 | 4:00PM - 5:30PM

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Every year we deliberately burn much of the high-rainfall savannas of the Top End in the early-mid dry season. This is to avoid hot wildfires later in the season, which can damage buildings, cattle, animals, plants and even people. If we burn off the annual grasses early, they are less likely to cause deadly hot fires later on.

But these grasses thrive and become more abundant with fire - so are we caught in a vicious cycle, creating more and more grass fuel each year, needing more and more controlled burning to reduce it, on and on? And is this changing habitats for the worse, particularly for animals that need a certain amount of unburnt country to thrive?

In his new book, The Flame of Convenience, Greg Miles, former chief ranger for Kakadu National Park, argues that it's time to consider doing more of our controlled burning in the wet season during breaks between rains. This can kill annual grasses and reduce fuel loads, thereby winding back the vicious grass-fire cycle we may have created in the Top End, and give habitats and animals a better chance.  For the sake of a healthier landscape,  he's suggesting land managers in some high-rainfall areas of the Top End consider adding wet season burning into their fire management toolbox.

Join Greg and a panel of fire experts to discuss this proposition, arguments for and against, and the practicalities of how, when, where and what to burn if we do wet season burning. If you're a land manager or just interested in fire and habitats in our beautiful Top End landscapes, join us for a fascinating discussion. You'll have the chance to ask questions via text during the session and also during a Q & A session towards the end. Note that your face won't appear on the screen during the webinar, that's something only the panel needs to worry about!


Even if you can't make the webinar, RSVP so that we can send you the edited, recorded video of the webinar which will be posted on our Youtube channel.
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Via zoom
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