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Backyard beverages and tropical superfoods Workshop with Emma Lupin

Nightcliff Seabreeze Festival, Taste of the Top End and COOLmob bring you two virtual workshops by Emma Lupin. 

These workshops are all about suburban survival, get to know edible tropical plants and grow them yourself!

An introduction to some of the easy to grow tropical plants that are full of health benefits, including Bilimbi, Thai Basil lemongrass and the concept of making simple healthy drinks, including iced teas, using only what you can find in suburban gardens.

Emma is an NT based multi-talented community member with a love for the arts and environment, people and nature and their interconnectedness. She has worked for many years in community engagement with a particular focus on Tropical edible plants and inspiring community members to connect to each other and our tropical home through local food; much of which she learnt while sailing and working as a cook in the Pacific islands before arriving by boat in Darwin in 2008.

Register here for the workshop details and recipe to be emailed to you! 

May 10, 2020 at 11:00am - 12pm
Your home!
Becky Spain Mez Korbetis Sarsha Sherriff Kat W Carol Mathison Johanna O’Brien Mandy Lawrence Hannah Clee Mali Grossman Sarah Purcell Lyndal Carbery Paula Thornton Lauren Moss Simona Paganetto Georgia Glen Diana Herdman Nicole Agno Deane Laskazeski MIchelle Donnelly Debby Mauger Roshan Wijeratne Sally Tye Kerry Thomas Macdonald Caro Mia Cossar Jess Porte Anitra Jackson Jan Galton Angela McCue Nicola Flook Jay Setchell Jane Andrew Jeni Joss Mary O'Brien Donna Bush Celina Padilha Anne Cullinan Traci Keys Kim Yates Dimity Foster Peta Jones Brittany Hayward-Brown Chris Blackham-Davison Lou De Mattia

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