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Management Committee

ECNT is a not-for-profit incorporated association and is governed by a Management Committee and a Constitution.

The Management Committee is elected at the Annual General Meeting. At the November 2020 Annual General Meeting the following people were elected:

Convenor: Deb Hall

Public Officer: Dominic Nicholls

Treasurer: Robby McKenzie

General members: Michael Fonda, Louise Harrison, Georgie McGee, Grusha Leeman, Dave Liddle

The role of the Management Committee is to help ensure the ECNT fulfils its purpose as stated in the Constitution. This includes monitoring ECNT’s compliance and performance to ensure that it is:

  • achieving its objectives
  • meeting its legal and regulatory obligations
  • developing appropriate strategy to fulfil the objectives

The work of the ECNT’s volunteer Management Committee is integral to the success of ECNT.

The Management Committee is responsible for ensuring that the ECNT has a Strategic Plan, with key goals that cover the organisation’s Constitutional Objects. 

View the Strategic Plan here