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Climate and Energy

Climate change represents an existential threat for the Northern Territory.  

Without urgent action, climate change will worsen existing inequalities in health, infrastructure provision, lack of education and employment opportunities in northern Australia.  

The way to prevent climate catastrophe is clear. The International Energy Agency advised the world in 2021 that there can be no new gas projects if we are to avoid catastrophic climate change.  

The Northern Territory should be at the forefront of Australia’s sustainable transition away from fossil fuels, ensuring a liveable climate and an economy that benefits all Territorians. 

Instead, the Territory has become the leader of gas expansion in Australia – putting our climate, communities, and environment in danger. 

This expansion includes fracking the Beetaloo Basin, which has been greenlit by the NT Government despite serious unresolved issues related to unmitigated emissions, risks to water, and rights of Traditional Owners. 

Offshore, Santos’ reckless Barossa Gas project is a climate and environmental disaster waiting to happen; it contains at least double the carbon dioxide of any other offshore Australian gas field. We have stood with Tiwi Traditional Owners who have not given their consent for the project’s 300km long gas pipeline to be laid through Tiwi sea country.  

Tying these projects together is the proposed gas and petrochemical processing hub slated for Middle Arm – which will use gas from Beetaloo and Barossa to establish a range of high-risk and high-emission industries right on the banks of our great Darwin Harbour. Our Love Darwin Harbour campaign highlights the serious health risks posed by the project, as well as dangers to the harbour and the remarkable cultural heritage of Middle Arm that has been maintained by Larrakia people for millennia.  

The NT is ground zero for climate change, and we are doing all we can to stop these destructive projects and articulate an alternative vision alongside a coalition of Territory communities and organisations.