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Latest Campaigns

Our vision is thriving nature and a sustainable future for all Territorians, and we're working towards this through our mission to inspire, support and take action that protects the environment. The Environment Centre NT's campaigns are the way we achieve our goals:

1. The Northern Territory is on track to be a zero-carbon economy by 2030

2. The Northern Territory has strong, transparent environmental law, policy and practice

3. People everywhere are speaking up and acting for the Northern Territory Environment

Check out our campaigns below and see how you can be involved and take action.

Climate Change Act 2020

The impacts of climate change are already being felt by Territorians and they are hitting our most vulnerable communities hardest.  Extreme heat, reduced rainfall, health impacts, energy poverty, food insecurity, service disruptions, species loss...


COOLmob aims to help and inspire Territorians to take positive action to reduce their climate impact by living more sustainably.  COOLmob works to achieve the following goals: Promote more energy efficient households...