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We appreciate and value all our incredible members. By being an ECNT member you are contributing to the Top End’s transition to the low carbon, renewable, uniquely ecologically thriving community it can be. 

Your membership contributes to our ability to campaign strongly. Government and philanthropic organisations ask how many people we speak for, so numbers matter.  

Become a member and support our work. You will receive the Turtle Times e-newsletter, invitations to members-only events, and campaign materials and information that help you to take action for a more sustainable Territory.

Members are also an essential part of our governance. ECNT’s Board is elected by members at our Annual General Meeting (AGM). 

Memberships are just $20.  

By joining the Environment Centre NT and paying your membership fee you agree to supporting the following objects on the Environment Centre NT, as per our constitution:
The objects of the Centre are: 
(1) The protection of all aspects of the natural environment;
(2) To initiate and carry out specific campaigns aimed at securing the protection of the natural environment; 
(3) To sponsor and carry out research on matters relating to the environment; 
(4) To educate and inform the public on environmental issues; 
(5) To maintain a permanent space to carry out the objects of the Centre; 
(6) To encourage and support individuals, environmental and other organisations and governments to help in achieving our objects; 
(7) To act as spokespersons on environmental issues; 
(8) To do all such things that are conducive to the achievement of the above objects; and 
(9) To maintain independence from all political parties.
In line with our constitution, the ECNT Management Committee will consider all applications for membership and will deem if they are to be accepted or rejected.
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