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The Top End Dry Season (online Zoom meeting )

SUNDAY 31 MAY 2020 | 2:00PM - 3:15PM

Your home!

Join ecologists Dave Liddle, Ian Morris and other guests, with facilitator Lou De Mattia, as we explore how changes in the natural world reveal themselves to us throughout the dry season. 
These changes are always around us, available to our senses if we’re open to them – changes happening in the air, sky, plants, animals, coastlines, rivers, forests and woodlands. We can follow the signs of this subtle and gradual natural transformation - from now until the Build Up’s first thunder cracks and storms - a time when seasonal changes become rapid and dramatic. So why not set aside – just for a while - all those tasks and worries from life in our busy civilisation, to tune in to what nature is up to? She's busy as well, if we bother to notice! We’ll have passionate panel members ready with practical clues and examples, to help you follow nature’s changes in this beautiful part of the world. You'll also have the chance to ask them questions via text.
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For further information about this workshop, or if you’d like to join our panel, phone Andy Peart on 0429 427 685.
Your home!
Andy Peart · 0429 427 685
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