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Section 2

All the materials you will need as a Facilitator can be found here.  The materials you will need for a Conversation can be found in the 'DURING a Conversation' folder.

If you prefer hard-copy materials and need replacements for your Facilitator pack, you can pick up copies from the ECNT office. Please let Jodie know in advance.

View survey and sign-up results

Direct your attendees to signup, fill out surveys and donate via the QR Code posters (also in your Facilitator pack) or via these links: 

Pre-Conversation Survey 

Post-Conversation Survey 

Donate/Become a Member

Check donations

Check if your Conversation attendees donated here. *Please note all recent ECNT donations are listed (and confidential).


Participants often indicate they would like to Donate or Become a Member at the beginning of their Post-Conversation Survey, but don't follow through with signing up on the Donate page at the end of the survey.  It's worth giving participants a gentle reminder about this.  Please also remember to receipt and process any cash donations received (see Post-Conversation Guide).