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Train as a Facilitator

Having lots of quality conversations is one of the most effective things we can do to help shift the social climate on climate change. Volunteer Climate Conversations Facilitators help deliver conversations that we know make a difference when it comes to people taking action on climate change.

What do Facilitators do?

ECNT Facilitators are trained to run Climate Conversations in people’s homes. These Conversations are part presentation, part facilitated discussion. The Facilitator’s role is to help guests understand:

  • what climate change means for them and the things they care about most

  • what needs to be done to stop climate change and how quickly

  • what they can do that is most powerful and effective, then inspire them to take action.

Being a Facilitator also involves supporting Hosts prior to their Conversations to ensure their success, and some post-Conversation follow-up.

The best Facilitators are not climate change experts but people who are
good at listening and passionate about making a difference.

Facilitator Training involves attending a Climate Conversation as a participant (pre-requisite), participating in 2 x 3hr face-to-face training sessions (remote dial-in is an option) and some pre-training reading and homework.  Facilitators then commit to facilitating one Conversation a month for at least 6 months (requiring about 6 hours a month, including ongoing training).  Learning about climate change is part of the training, and our Climate Conversation Coordinator, Jodie has plenty of capacity to support you on your facilitator journey.

This is a fantastic opportunity to develop your facilitating skills, connect meaningfully with other people concerned about climate change, experience ongoing personal growth, be part of an awesome community and inspire others to take action on climate change!

If you'd like find out more information, contact our Climate Conversations Coordinator [email protected]