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Climate Conversations

Climate Conversations are facilitated kitchen table conversations that aim to

bring about change, through the power of everyday Territorians.

We know that most people are concerned about climate change, but are not sure what they can do. 

Having quality conversations about climate change in a relaxed environment, helps build social connection and the momentum for change that's required to achieve effective climate action.

Join the Climate Conversations program:

If you'd like to participate in a Conversation, you can register your interest to attend an upcoming Conversation.

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Generous Hosts in the community help us deliver Climate Conversations program by sharing the experience with their friends and family*. Hosting involves inviting a small group who are concerned about climate change to your home to share food and a quality discussion, facilitated by one of our trained Facilitators.

*We also offer specially tailored Climate Conversations for schools and workplaces

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We train motivated volunteers in the community to lead these transformative discussions.  You don't need to be an expert on climate change to become a Climate Conversations Facilitator.  Being passionate about climate change and having good communication skills is what matters most.

We provide ongoing training support to deliver ECNT's Climate Conversations program in the community.

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For further information, please email our Climate Conversations Coordinator [email protected]

ECNT is partnering with City of Darwin to deliver the Climate Conversations program.