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Nature Journaling Workshop in the Spectacular 16 Mile Reserve

Join us for a Nature Journaling workshop with local artist Elizabeth Martin at 16 Mile Reserve for a mindful day of journaling in nature. 

16 Mile Reserve, a military base in WWII, has now become a creek, appreciated for it's rich biodiversity, that flows into the Mitchell Creek Catchment. "All kinds of little creatures survive and grow because of the creek plus all the vegetation." Sue McKinnon, Mitchell Creek Landcare

In the wake of development proposals for petrochemical facilities 3km from Palmerston, 16 Mile Reserve is a good reminder of the benefits reaped in the Palmerston area and NT wide when pristine natural Environment's are appreciated and preserved. 

Nature Journaling is a fun, relaxing practice that helps you connect more closely with nature. A nature journal is a place to explore your thoughts, feelings, curiosity and creative expression in response to nature.

During this workshop you'll settle into noticing what is around you, you'll see the space in a new way as you learn to observe and draw, practice sound mapping and colour mapping. 

You'll have the opportunity to purchase the following with cash or card at the workshop:

  • Paperbark Nature Journal Booklet - $15
  • Natural Journalling kit (pencils, booklet etc) - $10 


June 25, 2023 at 9:00am - 11am
Jessica Black · · 0488147399

Will you come?