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We have great news.  Thanks to you, we have had a massive win on land clearing! But now we need your help.

We know how much Territorians love the bush and want to see it protected.  We also know that Territorians are worried about the threat posed to the bush by Big Cotton. We need to be able to trust that the Gunner Government will regulate the industry properly.

Now, in a Territory first, a land clearing application at Ucharonidge Station in the Beetaloo Basin has been referred to the NT EPA under the new Environment Protection Act.

The land clearing application is for an industrial-scale cotton farm smack-bang in middle of the Beetaloo Basin, which is already facing huge threats from the fracking industry, as well as a massive solar farm. It would be the biggest new cotton development we’ve seen in the Territory, with a laundry list of chemicals to be applied across a vast area of primarily pastoral activity. Impacts could include salinity, erosion, loss of biodiversity as well as cultural impacts to native title holders. In the last 18 months, the proponent has applied to clear about 10,000 hectares of land at Ucharonidge: that’s 5000 footy fields!

The problem is, a referral under the new Environment Protection Act does not secure a full environmental impact assessment. It is possible for the NTEPA to approve the cotton farm on the basis of the limited documentation provided in the referral. This means there won’t be the same level of scrutiny and public input into the process, and the environmental studies undertaken will be very limited.

That’s where you come in. We need to convince the NTEPA that nothing short of a full environmental impact assessment is needed for Ucharonidge’s plans to grow 5000 footy fields of cotton. One of the things that can help convince them to make this decision is you speaking up loud and strong!

You have until 30 September 2021 to make a submission to the NTEPA.  We’ve made it easy for you by creating one you can send as is, or adapt for what you think is the most important.

Sign the submission now. 

In case you’re not convinced, here’s the list of chemicals the proponent said would need to be applied to the land to grow cotton across 5000 footy fields. We cannot afford to have these chemicals leaching into our soil and aquifers!

1. Glyphosate

2. Metolachlor

3. Thiamethoxam

4. Dimethoate

5. Sulfoxaflor

6. Cyantraniliprole

7. Rynaxypyr

8. Diafenthiuron

9. Thidiazuron

10. Ethphon

11. Mepiquat

12. Adjuavants

13. Parraffinic Oil

Submissions to the NT EPA close on 30 September. Act now.