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Add your voice to protect the Territory's water

Water is our most precious resource and is essential to all life. However, there are numerous threats and challenges to the water of the Northern Territory, such as large-scale agriculture and extractive mines, and the Territory's water laws which are inadequate at responding to these threats. 

We currently have an opportunity to influence the Government's position on water, as they are seeking feedback on their Strategic Water Plan.

Environment Centre NT have drafted a submission writing guide to assist you with responding to the Northern Territory Government's NT Strategic Water Plan - Directions Paper. 

Direct community response to key legislation and policy is one of the most effective ways we can hold the Government accountable and ensure the Strategic Water Plan is developed in the interests of the environment and the community, not large-scale industrial agriculture.

Download the full Submission Writing Guide - NT Strategic Water Plan - Directions Paper here.

Download the NT Strategic Water Plan - Directions Paper here.

Make sure you email your submission to [email protected] by the deadline, Friday 4 February 2021.

If you would like to speak to someone about writing a submission feel free to get in to contact with [email protected]