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'Beetaloo' Water Allocation Plan - Submission Writing Guide

Environment Centre NT have drafted a submission writing guide to assist you with writing to Water Resources and Minister Moss in regards to the Georgina Wiso Water Allocation plan ('Beetaloo' Water Allocation Plan). 

Despite the risks to tourism, pastoralists, and Territory communities, the government is forging ahead with its plan to allocate billions of litres of water from the Cambrian Limestone Aquifer by declaring a water allocation plan in the Beetaloo Basin to comply with gas industry timelines. 

Water allocation plans should be informed by the best available science, comply with the National Water Initiative, and be subject to proper public scrutiny – this plan does not implement these things.

Download the full Submission Writing Guide here.

Submissions are due 16 December 2022

Make sure you email your submission to:

If you would like to speak to someone about writing a submission feel free to get in to contact with [email protected].

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