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Save the Daly

Despite an ongoing prosecutionthe owners of Claravale Farm have applied to bulldoze more savanna woodland near the banks of the Daly River.

While we welcomed the prosecution, it beggars belief that since being charged with illegal land clearing, the owners have made two separate applications to bulldoze a colossal 5,800 hectares of additional savanna woodland on the same property. 

This savanna woodland has been cared for by Traditional Owners for generations and is important habitat for the threatened ghost bat species.

The impacts could be devastating for the Daly system, home to barramundi, pig-nosed turtles and the incredible endangered freshwater sawfish. Run-off of chemicals and sediment from agriculture could damage the river, and clearing trees in this precious area will destroy habitat for iconic threatened species like the Gouldian finch.

We’ve fought to save the Daly before, we can do it again!