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Say no to toxic petrochemicals at Darwin Harbour!

The Northern Territory Government have a plan to pollute our Harbour with toxic petrochemical factories, and the Federal Government are backing them up with your taxpayer dollars.

This is a disaster for our climate, harbour and our health. This enormous industrial development endangers the health of Darwin and Palmerston residents. If it goes ahead as planned it will change this place we know and love forever.

We need to tell them that Territorians don’t want these polluting industries on our doorstep.

Will you contact Chief Minister Eva Lawler, and CC Territory politicians, expressing your opposition to this toxic project? Sign opposite >> Your email will be sent to the Chief Minister, MP Luke Gosling, and MP Marion Scrymgour. 

The government are claiming the project will be ‘green’ and ‘sustainable’ but all the evidence suggests that this is a toxic fossil fuel project, designed to produce petrochemicals using fracked gas from the Beetaloo Basin.

Let our Chief Minister know you support a genuinely green and healthy vision for the Harbour, not one filled with petrochemicals and fossil fuels!