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Let our Federal Representatives know - it's time to Recharge the Territory.

The Northern Territory Government has a plan to gamble the Territory's future on a gas and petrochemical hub at Middle Arm, and the Federal Government is backing them up with your taxpayer dollars. 

There is an alternative. 

ECNT’s Recharging the Territory report shows how a redeployment of the Federal Government's $1.5b gas and petrochemicals subsidy for Middle Arm, we could achieve meaningful change for Territorians.

The report demonstrates that with the same amount of money that the Government wants to use to subsidize toxic heavy industries, we could instead deliver high-quality local jobs, tackle the cost-of-living crisis, provides energy upgrades for every low-income and public housing dwelling, and set the Territory up to be a leader in the sustainable industries of the future.   

Will you let our Territory representatives Luke Gosling MP, Marion Scrymgour MP, and Senator Malarndirri McCarthy know you support a genuinely sustainable vision for the Territory?