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Board Vacancy

The ECNT Board wishes to advise its members that there is a causal vacancy on the ECNT Board. With the ECNT AGM coming up in November 2022, this position will only be filled for two months. The position will be re-opened for nomination at the November 2022 AGM.

This is an opportunity for an ECNT Member to experience the Board, with an option to re-nominated at the 2022 AGM.

If you are interested in contributing to ECNT by being on this voluntary Board we invite you to complete the nomination form here.

Being part of the ECNT Board can be a rewarding and valuable experience. The ECNT Board takes its governance responsibilities seriously and is a supportive, positive and active group that is passionate about creating positive environmental outcomes for the Northern Territory.


The ECNT Strategy focuses on five key themes

Climate and energy futures;

Biodiverse futures;

Water futures;

Mining and regulatory reform;

and Sustainable living in the tropics.


General members of the ECNT Board are required to prepare for and attend one evening meeting per month. Board members also assist on other ECNT Board Committees from time to time.

The closing date for nominations is Monday 19th September 2022


If you have any questions or would like to nominate, please email Shar Molloy at [email protected] attaching your signed Board Nomination form and preferably a statement outlining the following:

What skills and experience you would bring to the ECNT Board

Why you're interested in joining the ECNT Board