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Right now, the public has a chance to have a say on Santos’ plans to develop one of the dirtiest offshore gas fields in the world.

Santos have referred their Darwin Pipeline Duplication Project (DPDP) to the Northern Territory Environment Protection Authority (NTEPA). This pipeline is the latest component of Santos’ plans to develop the offshore Barossa gas field, north of the Tiwi Islands.

The NTEPA are asking for public comment on Santos’ plans for their new pipeline into Darwin Harbour. The NTEPA will then decide if the project needs an environmental assessment, and if so, at what level.

The NTEPA MUST conduct an environmental assessment of this project at the highest possible level. Make your voice heard and demand a public inquiry now.

Unique, high-quality, individual submissions are by far the most effective way to respond to these calls for public comment. We strongly encourage you to write your own submission, even if it is only one paragraph. You can access our submission writing guide here.

If you write your own submission, the key message should be that the project should be assessed, that because of the significant environmental impacts it should be assessed at the highest level, and that the scope of the inquiry should include the entire Barossa gas project and CCS development. You can make a unique submission here.

If you do not have the ability to write your own unique submission, then we have included a pro forma submission opposite that you may use. We encourage you to amend and personalise the submission so as to make it more effective.