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The Environment Centre NT, has started a court case challenging the Pastoral Land Board's decision to grant a land clearing permit at Auvergne Station in the stunning Victoria River Region. Auvergne Station have been granted a permit to clear hundreds of hectares of our wonderful Northern Savanna to grow cotton. 

We have commenced legal proceedings alongside the Northern Land Council to determine that clearing for cotton crops is not a pastoral purposeThey are challenging the same permit on the grounds that the Pastoral Land Board neglected or refused to consider the legal interests of the Ngarinyman-Wulayi estate group.

ECNT supporters have fought to defend our savanna landscapes from decimation for decades. We are calling on you now to assist us as we take action. Here’s why.  

The Northern Territory’s savanna is a national treasure, part of a largely intact ecosystem stretching from Cape York to the Kimberley. But it is in crisis. Like the Great Barrier Reef, it’s a vital ecosystem that’s literally collapsing before our eyes. The Northern Territory Government should be doing all it can to protect it. 

Instead, land clearing is skyrocketing in the Northern Territory, spurred in part by the cotton industry’s huge expansion plans. Land clearing and habitat destruction are the biggest threats to biodiversity in Australia, and clearing for cotton will decimate local wildlife, impact rivers, and add to greenhouse gas emissions. We don't want another Murray Darling Basin here in the Territory. 

This is a landmark challenge to a multinational corporation’s plans to bulldoze ecologically important tropical savanna at Auvergne Station.

If successful, this case will set an important precedent. This will mean big cotton’s plans to expand across the NT will be more rigorously scrutinized for their environmental impact.

We desperately need to raise funds to support our campaign calling on the Northern Territory and Federal Governments to protect our savanna for future generations. Funds raised will go towards our campaign to stop the devastation caused by the cotton industry on NT savannas and rivers.

We’ll keep you updated about the campaign, and the litigation, as it progresses. Our savanna is too precious to lose. Please help us save it, before it’s too late. 

Download the full media release here

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