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Section 3


Step 1:
Reflection Form 


The reflection forms a record of key information from your Conversation. We hope it also helps you develop your Facilitator practice. Write as much or as little as you like!

Step 2:
Facebook post


You will receive an email record of your completed reflection form.  You can use this and your Post-Conversation Survey results to help write a reflection post in the Facilitators Facebook group.

Step 3:
Process Paper Sign-up Forms


Enter the details from each paper copy, online (as if you were the person filling out the form).  Process any cash donations or membership applications following the steps outlined in the Facilitator's Post-Conversation Guide.

Step 4:
Update your database

Keep track of your upcoming and past Hosts by using your preferred database.  If you'd like to create a free Airtable account to use as your database follow the instructions in the Facilitator Onboarding Guide.

If you've booked any new Conversations please register them here.

Too many Hosts?

Remember to let Jodie know!

Step 5:

Email Participants

Participants who sign up for post-Conversation actions receive an automated email but it’s also a nice way to finish the Conversation experience by emailing everyone personally after the Conversation (see Post-Conversation Guide for suggestions).