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Have you seen the cotton blowing by the side of the road in recent days? It looks like it’s snowing, but Territorians know it’s a sign that Big Cotton is here and already wreaking havoc on our Top End rivers and savannas.

Right now, Scott Creek Station – near the junction of the magnificent Flora and Katherine rivers – has applied to clear close to 2000 hectares of land for more cotton. It’s their third land clearing application in a little over 12 months, and brings their development close to approximately 5000 hectares in total.

Please sign the submission now, to tell the Pastoral Land Board to reject this latest application .

These plans are part of a much bigger problem. Industry has plans for up to 200,000 hectares of industrial-scale cotton farming in the Territory, which will devastate our rivers and floodplains. We’re in the middle of a a barrage of bulldozing in the Territory. In the last four years, the amount of land approved for clearing has increased by 300%, off the back of woefully weak land clearing laws, and the Northern Territory Government’s desire to roll out the red carpet for Big Business.

We’re heading in the wrong direction in the Territory, and it’s time for you to tell decision-makers what you think.

Clearing and cotton farming on this scale will cause sediment and chemical run-off into the Katherine and Daly Rivers, putting at risk these magnificent iconic rivers, and the Territory lifestyle they support. The new area to be razed at Scott Creek Station is likely habitat for Gouldian Finches, Ghost bats and many other listed threatened species. And that’s not to mention the dust and erosion that accompany developments of this size – right on Katherine’s doorstep.

Enough is enough – it’s time to tell the Pastoral Land Board and the Environment Minister that you don’t want cotton, and the destruction it will cause. Cotton kills rivers – let’s keep it out of the Territory.