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Litchfield Trip 2023

A special place in Litchfield National Park

Sunday 18 June, 2023


If you have good fitness and love Top End nature, then come with us to a place usually out of bounds to visitors. A couple of hours south of Darwin is the Tabletop Range, where eons of rains have carved out gullies now filled with lush monsoon forests, cool pools and sometimes featuring magnificent waterfalls. These gullies support sensitive habitats, home to fascinating plants and animals - some of them endangered species. We''ll enjoy the quiet beauty of one such gully, while exploring it's natural heritage - as well as the environmental dilemmas it faces.

A full day, medium difficulty, mainly off-track walking through rough, remote woodland and along rocky creeks, Use own transport to Litchfield NP, or car pooling available. May be suitable for children 12 and over accompanied by an adult.

Requested financial contribution: $90 (Territory Guardians/ ECNT members: $70).

To find out more or to book a place, email [email protected] with your phone number to get a call back.

This is one of several trips ECNT is offering to beautiful places around the Top End. These experiences are about enjoying yourself, getting to know the landscapes and learning about their natural heritage. We’ll also discuss how we can respond to various threats to animals and plants in these places. The Litchfield and Kakadu trips will be organised and led by Andy Peart, an experienced bushwalking tour guide, and accompanied by local ecologists David Liddle and Louie Boyle-Bryant, as well as other experts where available. Short trips in the Darwin area are lead by other ECNT volunteers with help from knowledgeable people willing to share their insights about each area. Keep an eye on our events page for these trips.

Note that these trips are not tours, but rather private excursions which you’re invited to share with us. In return we ask that you make a financial contribution, which will be used to help ECNT to continue and improve the work we do. The coordination of these trips is all done by volunteers - your financial contribution helps to empower ECNT's advocacy for Top End plants and animals and their habitats.


June 18, 2023 at 8:00am - 4pm
Litchfield National Park
Andy Peart ·