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MEDIA RELEASE: environment groups react to Beetaloo fracking greenlight

Environment groups have reacted strongly to NT Chief Minister Natasha Fyles’ announcement this morning that the Pepper Inquiry recommendations have been implemented and therefore fracking production can commence, calling the announcement a ‘betrayal’ and a ‘devastating day for the Northern Territory’.

Kirsty Howey, Executive Director of the Environment Centre NT:

“This is a profoundly sad day for the Northern Territory. As we look down the barrel of unliveability here in the Northern Territory due to climate change, the Chief Minister has today given the greenlight for a carbon bomb that will hurtle us towards climate collapse.” 

“The Chief Minister’s decision to allow fracking to go ahead in the NT flies in the face of the science, logic and the wishes of the Northern Territory community.”

“Her announcement today is a broken promise to Territorians – the Pepper Inquiry recommendations have not been fully implemented, and the Northern Territory Government knows it. This represents unacceptable capitulation to the gas industry, which is chomping at the bit to industrialise our landscapes on a vast scale, extract our precious groundwater, and release hundreds of millions of tonnes of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere.”

“Scope 2 and 3 emissions from the Beetaloo need to be offset but the government has backflipped on this promise. This is a gift to gas companies and a slap in the face to Territorians.”

“Key recommendations remain unimplemented. The water trigger has not yet been expanded in the EPBC Act to apply to fracking, and water allocation plans remain undeclared across most of the Beetaloo Basin. We’ve been misled.”

“In addition, the Northern Territory Government is effectively ignoring the recommendations of the recent Senate Inquiry into fracking in the Beetaloo Basin, which were backed by both the Greens and federal Labor. It’s crucial these are implemented before any decisions are made. Minister Chief Bowen needs to step in to rein in the Northern Territory Government before it’s too late – the stakes are too high.”


Media inquiries: Dave Krantz

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