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Response to Climate Impacts in the NT

Dear Chief Minister and Members of the Northern Territory Parliament,

We are calling on you to develop a comprehensive climate policy to:

  1. Achieve net zero emissions by 2050 (mitigation)
  2. Develop climate resilient communities (adaptation)

Anthropogenic climate change – climate change directly attributable to human activity – poses a severe risk to the Northern Territory.

Impacts. The impacts of climate change on the NT include: increase in extreme heat days (over 35 degrees Celsius)[1]; increase in severity of extreme weather events; changes to water availability; and an increase in sea-level rise and extreme sea-level events.[2], [3]

Climate change threatens Territorians: it will impact our food and water security; our health; and the ecosystems we depend on. 2, 3 This will have adverse long-term economic consequences. We note that the most marginalised and vulnerable members of our community, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, are often the least responsible for ecological risks and threats but are the most affected by their emergence.

Net zero emissions. Consistent with our ratification of the Paris Climate Agreement, we must reduce our GHG emissions to net zero. All other Australian States and Territories (except for Western Australia), have committed to reduce emissions to net zero by 2050.

The Northern Territory Government has already shown a commitment to reducing our emissions (Northern Territory Roadmap to Renewables). There is substantial potential to further reduce emissions and reduce climate change-related risks posed to Territorians. 

Opportunity. We need to manage future risk, make robust decisions, and take advantage of opportunities including: stimulating long-term investment and economic growth; ensuring healthier communities; and protecting our environment and existing infrastructure.

An enforceable whole of government approach needs to be implemented that protects people and country and ensures the ongoing liveability of NT communities.

We urge the Northern Territory Government to develop a comprehensive climate policy that has emission reduction targets and a plan for a just transition to a low carbon economy.



Wendy Morton

Executive Director, Northern Territory Council of Social Service

Dave Pugh

CEO, Anglicare NT

Julie Edwards

CEO, Jesuit Social Services

Rosalie Schultz

Public Health Association NT Branch

Michael Fonda

Doctors For Environment NT

Stephen Schwer

CEO, Tourism Central Australia

Donna Ah Chee

CEO, Central Australian Aboriginal Congress

Walter Shaw

CEO, Tangentyere Council

Joel Bowden

General Secretary, The Unions NT Executive

Sue Mckinnon

Chair, Landcare NT Inc.

Tony Burns

CEO, Helping People Achieve

John Patterson

CEO, Aboriginal Medical Services Alliance NT

Shar Molloy

Director, Environment Centre NT

Jimmy Cocking

CEO, Arid Lands Environment Centre

Kelly OShanassy

CEO, Australian Conservation Foundation

Nicola Beynon

Head of Campaigns, Humane Society International

Martin Rice

Acting CEO, The Climate Council

Dominique Rowe

Program Director, Greenpeace Australia Pacific

Lyndon Schneider

National Campaigns Director, The Wilderness Society

Kelly Albion 


Campaigns and Communications Director, Australian Youth Climate Coalition

Amelia Telford

National Director SEED

Cam Walker

Campaigns co-ordinator, Friends of the Earth Australia

Joseph Scales

National Director, Solar Citizens

Ben Oquist

Executive Director, The Australia Institute

Blair Palese

CEO, Australia

Vanessa Petrie

CEO, Beyond Zero Emissions

Donna Luckman

CEO, Alternative Technology Association

Kate Smolski

CEO, Nature Conservation Council of NSW

Mark Wakeham

CEO, Environment Victoria

Craig Wilkins

CEO, Conservation Council SA

David Barnden

Principal, Environmental Justice Australia

Dr Nicole Sleeman

General Practitioner, Wuchopperen Health Service, Cairns.

Associate Professor Tim Cohen

ARC Centre of Excellence for Australian Biodiversity and Heritage, GeoQuest Research Centre – Co-Director, School of Earth and Environmental Sciences/SMAH, University of Wollongong

Professor John Church

Climate Change Research Centre, University of New South Wales


Professor Mark L Wahlqvist AO

Monash University


Professor John Quiggin

VC Senior Research Fellow

School of Economics, University of Queensland

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