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East Point Nature Reserve is under threat by the development of a proposed Throb day and night club. The Club would be situated within the nature reserve and is set to be open during the Dry Season for 7 days a week, and Friday and Saturday nights until 4am. We're collecting signatures and these will be sent to the NT Government for consideration. 

Friends of East Point Nature Reserve DO NOT want this development to go ahead because East Point Nature Reserve is a:

  • carefully managed nature reserve
  • home to wildlife, horses, reptiles, rare shorebirds, nesting osprey, insects
  • a site of historical significance dating back to 1933
  • a culturally significant space for Larrakia people
  • zoned as PS (Public Open Space) where liquor licences are prohibited
  • a beautiful and peaceful place enjoyed by the Darwin community and clubs including the Fannie Bay Equestrian Club, Runners and Walkers Club, Triathlon Club and more
  • Crowds, noise, lights and traffic will destroy this unique corner of Darwin.

Key Concerns of the proposed development include:

  • the negative impact on wildlife on the reserve and horses at the Equestrian Club from loud music, bright lights, 500+ people, trafficking of patrons outside gates to venue and back
  • no consideration of the traditional owners of the land 
  • security of horses and caretakers who live on East Point as it will be difficult to ensure safety after dark with potentially intoxicated people 
  • licensed clubs are prohibited in areas zoned PS (Public Open Space)
  • alcohol at the venue and potential problems resulting from this including the proximity to cliffs, Lake Alexander and carparks, drunk driving along East Point Road, the increased likelihood of vandalism   
  • loss of amenities for the community and sporting clubs as families are deterred by noise and crowds, carparks become limited and sporting clubs becoming impacted 
  • pop-up pool safety and sanitation
  • how the 'deal was done' as it was largely in secret with no public consultation. There are questions around how it is being funded. 

If you think this club should find an alternate location in Darwin you can take a number of actions to help Save East Point. You can:

  • Sign this petition
  • Like and share the Save East Point Facebook page 
  • Chat to Friends of East Point Nature Reserve at Parap Markets for more information 
  • Put pressure on the decision makers by writing a letter or email to elected members. You can find a list of NT Government MLA contacts online here, including:
    • Michael Gunner, Chief Minster and elected member for Fannie Bay
    • Eva Lawler, Minster for Environment and Natural Resources, Minister for Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics
    • Nicole Manison, Minster for Police, Fire and Emergency Services 
    • Gerry McCarthy, Minster for Local Government 
    • Natasha Fyles, Attorney-General and Minister for Justice 
  • You can write and letter or email City of Darwin Council. Details of Council members can be found online
  • Write a letter to the Editor at NT News
  • Call local radio stations and provide feedback 





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