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The mighty Roper River is beloved by all Territorians.

'The Roper' encompasses the famous thermal pools of Mataranka and Bitter Springs and the fishing mecca of Munbililla (Tomato Island) in Limmen National Park. It is also an area of immense cultural significance, with 130 registered sacred sites within the Roper Basin. It discharges into the Limmen Bight Marine Park, with its flows essential for the health of endangered turtles and dugongs, as well as barramundi, prawn and crabs in the Gulf of Carpentaria.

However this iconic river is facing threats on multiple fronts - including from cotton, fracking, mining and land clearing. 

Right now, the NT Government is considering a massive water extraction license that would allow for 3.3 billion litres of water to be taken from the system every year for an ilmenite mine. That’s 1320 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

Taking this much water from the Roper River could be devastating. It could seriously impact Roper River flows, and impact the water quality and supply for downstream communities including Ngukurr.

But you can take action now. Ask the NT Government to: 

  • Reject Australian Ilmenite Resources’ proposed water license.
  • Ensure that no more water is taken from the Roper River until the health of the wider basin can be appropriately safeguarded

Take action now and sign your name to the submission.

This submission is addressed to the Water Controller and will also be sent to Minister Uibo and Minister Lawler.

Enough is enough - we can’t sit on the side-lines watching the Roper get wrecked.