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Stop Middle Arm

For Darwin’s sake, Stop Middle Arm.

We love Darwin, and the lifestyle it supports.

We deserve clean air, a great harbour and a safe climate.

But what we love about this place is under threat from massive fossil fuel factories planned for our precious Harbour. If the Middle Arm gas and petrochemical hub is built, this place will never be the same.

It’s time for our politicians to step up, and protect the Territory’s unique lifestyle. Not wreck it.

  • Darwin already has the worst air pollution in the country. Gas and petrochemicals factories are known to cause cancer, asthma and early death. We don’t need a cancer alley here in the Territory.
  • Our harbour is the heart of our city, but the Middle Arm industrial hub could transform it forever, with massive jetties, a skyline of factories, dredging and heavy metal pollution.
  • Climate change is already wreaking havoc on the Territory, but the Middle Arm industrial hub could tip Darwin into unliveability. We should be cutting climate pollution, not sending it soaring.
  • There is a better way. We have a plan to recharge the Territory’s economy, create thousands of jobs, and lower the cost of living, without destroying our health, harbour and climate.