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Stop The Spread Of Gamba

Researchers are predicting that without urgent action, the landscape and lifestyle of the Top End will be irreversibly changed by Gamba Grass within a few decades.

Native to Africa's tropical and subtropical savannas, Gamba grass is a perennial tussock grass introduced to many parts of the world for use as an improved pasture plant. Gamba grass was first introduced to the Northern Territory in 1931 for testing as a pasture grass. Gamba grass is now a Weed of National Significance and it is also a declared weed throughout northern Australia.

Gamba grass poses a significant threat to life, property and nature in Top End. It’s wiping out whole ecosystems and sending firefighting costs spiralling out of control. Gamba fires also threaten the safety of firefighters sent to battle increasingly intense and destructive wildfires.

ECNT is supporting calls for the NT Government to:

  • Scale up existing efforts to inform and engage the community around the threat Gamba poses.
  • Extend funding for the Gamba Action Program to better support landholders.
  • Ensure that park rangers and public land managers have the resources they need to control gamba.
  • Increase the resources available for compliance operations by weed control officers and fire safety officers.
  • Arrange for more collaborative action with key agencies and stakeholders; including Weeds Branch, Bushfires NT and Indigenous Rangers.

Gamba Grass Roots is a campaign to raise awareness of the threat posed by gamba grass to NT homes and communities, our tourism sector and our unique Top End landscape and wildlife. It is telling stories of the landholders who’ve had success on their properties, the good work being done at the community level and the programs which are helping in the fight against gamba Territory-wide.

It is also holding up the spotlight to what needs to be done and calling for more resources from the NT Government to help fund the fight. Find out more on the Gamba Grass Roots website