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Submission to the Pastoral Land Board - Cross Pacific Investments Pty Ltd – Application to Clear Pastoral Land (s38(1)(h)) on Scott Creek Station - Public Exhibition Period 5 - 19 November 2021

On 19 November 2021 Environment Centre NT drafted a submission to the Pastoral Land Board regarding Cross Pacific Investments Pty Ltd's application to clear pastoral land (s38(1)(h)) on Scott Creek Station.

A summary of the submission to the Pastoral Land Board is below or download the full letter here.

The Environment Centre NT (ECNT) is the peak community sector environment organisation in the
Northern Territory of Australia, raising awareness among community, government, business, and industry
about environmental issues. We assist people to reduce their environmental impact and support
community members to participate in decision-making processes and action.

Thank you for the opportunity to provide a comment on the application (Application) of Cross Pacific
Investments Pty Ltd. (the Proponent) to the Pastoral Land Board (PLB) for a permit to clear Pastoral Land
under section 38(1)(h) of the Pastoral Land Act 1992 (NT) in respect of Scott Creek Station Pastoral Lease

ECNT submits that:
(a) the Application must be refused, since its approval would breach s38(1)(h) of the Pastoral Land

(b) the Proponent’s project as a whole (including the other areas it proposes to develop) must be
referred for assessment under the Environment Protection Act 2019 (NT) because it clearly meets
the threshold of having the potential to have a significant impact on the environment.

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