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Trio of Treks #2: A special place in Litchfield National Park

Trek #2: A special place in Litchfield National Park

A couple of hours south of Darwin is the Tabletop Range where eons of rains have carved out gullies with magnificent waterfalls and cool pools surrounded by shady monsoon rainforest. These gullies support sensitive habitats which are the home to endangered species. You are welcome to share with us a place that is usually out of bounds to visitors; to enjoy its quiet beauty and learn about its natural heritage and some environmental dilemmas. You’ll need good fitness for this trip. In light of Covid-19 distancing, it would be best for participants to find their own way to Litchfield starting point. Please contact us though if this is not possible and we can arrange to get you there with one of us. 

May be suitable for children 12 and over accompanied by an adult.

Full day, medium grade (mainly off-track walking through rough, remote woodland, and along creeks).

Suggested donation: $120 or more (Territory Guardians: $80).

To find out more or to book a place, express interest here.

This year ECNT invites you to join us for some bushwalks in beautiful places around the Top End. These experiences are about enjoying yourself, getting to know the landscapes and learning about their natural heritage. We’ll also discuss how we can respond to various threats to animals and plants in these places.

We have three trips in 2020, ranging from the easy and short to the more adventurous and challenging - as suits your ability or inclination. Each trip will be organised and led by Andy Peart, an experienced bushwalking tour guide, accompanied by local ecologist Dave Liddle and other experts where available.

Note that our trips are not tours, but private excursions which you’re welcome to participate in. In return we ask that you make a minimum donation, which will be used to help ECNT to continue and improve the work we do. Our Centre receives no funding from government for our work in environmental advocacy across a huge geographical area, so we depend on donations to keep going. No part of your donation will go into trip costs, as these will be covered by our volunteers.

Spaces are limited (8 donors for each trip) so if you’re keen, express your interest ASAP and someone will phone you back. We hope you can join us!


July 26, 2020 at 7:00am - 5pm
Andy Peart · 0429427685