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Train as a Facilitator

Most Australians are concerned about climate change, but are confused and overwhelmed- they don't know how Australia should respond or what they can personally do. Social research shows that we make sense of confusing information and decide what to do about it through conversations with people we know and trust. Climate Conversations allow meaningful discussions about climate change to happen at scale.

Climate Conversations Facilitators are key to growing the Climate Conversations program and helping to create the groundswell of support we need to address the climate crisis in the NT. 

Becoming a volunteer Climate Conversations Facilitator means you'll facilitate discussions with small groups of friends in a Host's home. Facilitator Training involves attending a Climate Conversation as a participant (pre-requisite), participating in 2 x 3hr face-to-face training sessions (remote dial-in is an option) and some pre-training reading and preparation. Facilitators are asked to commit to facilitating a minimum of one Conversation a month for 6 months (about 8 hours a month, including ongoing monthly training).

This is a fantastic opportunity to develop your facilitating skills, connect meaningfully with other people concerned about climate change, experience ongoing personal growth and be part of an awesome community inspiring others to take action on climate change! The Climate Conversations program has been developed, based on the work of Climate for Change.  See their 2020 Climate Conversations Impact Report to read about the effectiveness of the program.

We’re always keen to hear from people who are keen to train as a Climate Conversations Facilitator.  You don't need to be an expert on climate change to become a Facilitator.  Being passionate about climate change and having good communication skills is what matters most.  We offer a fully supported (ongoing) training program and draw on the experience of a Climate Conversations Coordinator who's facilitated nearly 50 Climate Conversations.

If you'd like find out more about training to be volunteer Climate Conversation Facilitator please email our Climate Conversations Coordinator [email protected]