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Future Grid: an Alice Springs project is tackling the challenges of remote solar

"It would be madness for us to say to people 'you can't put any more solar on in this town'," says Glenn Marshall of the Intyalheme Centre for Future Energy in Alice Springs. "We have to move as the people move and we have to fix our systems to work as people demand it."

The Centre's Future Grid program will use technologies that have never before been trialed in Australia to gain insight in how houses with solar panels and batteries interact with the main grid. "This will give us and the rest of Australia some really good answers for how to better integrate more and more solar power into our systems," he says.

From large-scale solar farms to family-owned local solar installers, the Northern Territory's solar industry is generating jobs, boosting the local economy and supplying Territorian businesses and households with local and affordable power. Learn about the incredible Territorians driving the solar transition in our series: Solar stories from the Territory.