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Solar. Powering jobs for Territorians

Thousands of new jobs. Lower power prices. A stronger Territory.

Renewable energy is stimulating the Territorian economy by employing a large number of electricians and tradespeople quickly. Solar and batteries also protects households and businesses from high electricity costs, reduces costs to the overall grid and supports the energy resilience, security and independence of Territorian communities.

It's vital the NT Government supports powering our economy with renewable energy, creating thousands of new jobs and lowering power prices.

Our groundbreaking report The 10 Gigawatt Vision is a blueprint for repowering the NT with renewable energy and zero-carbon industries. As the world transitions to renewable energy, the Northern Territory’s abundance of sunshine means we have an exceptional opportunity to prosper. Our report shows that an investment in 10 gigawatts of renewables can create over 8,000 new jobs and over $2 billion in new annual revenue.

It's the good news story we love to tell.

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Will you sign?

The Northern Territory has an incredible opportunity to draw on world-class solar resources to rebuild our economy.

If you support a solar-powered economic plan that will grow jobs for Territorians, join the campaign to Repower the NT by filling out the form below.

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