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Nature Protections Survey Results

The Environment Centre NT has canvassed the community and key stakeholders about the need for improved nature protections in the NT. We had extraordinarily high engagement on this issue with over 600 Territorians spending nearly 200 hours completing our nature protections survey. The results are compelling: Territorians know that the nature they love is at great risk and they want politicians to stand up and do something about it. It is clear from the strong engagement we had through this survey that Territorians truly love the NT’s unique nature and do not believe it is protected adequately. People understand that our precious wildlife and ecosystems are under increasing pressure and they know that the NT is a laggard when it comes to strong environmental regulation. The Northern Territory is the only jurisdiction in Australia without native vegetation laws – specific legislation to manage habitat loss from tree clearing. Broadscale tree clearing is recognised as the leading cause of biodiversity loss in Australia and around the world. Broadscale tree clearing is increasing in the Northern Territory and we do not have an adequate regulatory framework in place to properly manage this threat.

Download the full Survey Results here.

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