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We need your help right now to Save the Roper.

We know how precious the Roper River is to Territorians. Magical places like Bitter Springs near Mataranka are fed by the vast Tindall aquifer that keeps the Roper flowing all year round. This continuous supply of life-giving freshwater is essential for communities downstream, tourism, fishing and camping, and the health of the Roper’s incredible ecosystems.

Yet the Roper has never been more under threat, this time from fracking in its catchment.

Act now, before 27 April 2022.

Right now, Imperial Oil and Gas – their pockets lined with taxpayer money - have an application to extract 250 million litres of groundwater from the Roper catchment. They also have plans to sink 48 bores near Larrimah, drill 6 fracking wells (and frack them using a toxic cocktail of chemicals), and bury up to 90 kilometres of pipelines to transport contaminated wastewater through fragile black soil plains in the catchment. And this is just the beginning of Imperial’s plans in this region.

If anything goes wrong, it could be catastrophic for the Roper, and the lifestyle we love here in the Territory.                                          

Sign our submission before 27 April 2022.

That’s why we are asking you to write a submission to the Water Controller asking her to reject Imperial’s application for a groundwater extraction licence of 250 million litres of water per year. It’s just too risky, and we know it’s just the start of Imperial’s plans. They’ll be coming for more water in the future: you can bet on it.

Submissions are due on Wednesday, 27 April, so you don’t have long to act.

We’ve made it easy by writing a submission you can use. Or, you can send through your own submission to [email protected] before 27 April 2022.

Act now to Save the Roper, before it’s too late.