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Where the parties stand on renewables

On Saturday February 29, the Darwin seat of Johnston is heading to a by-election. In conjunction with Protect Country Alliance, we approached all parties and their candidates to find out their positions on renewable energy.

These are the results:

Repower NT Candidate scorecardView a larger version

Help us distribute this scorecard by signing up to leaflet. We want every resident in Johnston to receive a copy of this scorecard, so they can make an informed decision when they head to the ballot box. 

Leafletting is a simple, healthy and fun way to contribute to our election efforts. After registering, our co-ordinator will be in touch with details on how you can pick up a pack of leaflets and which streets to leaflet. Then deliver the leaflets in your spare time, preferably before early voting begins on February 17.

Learn more about the policies in this scorecard

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