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Guide: how to advocate for renewables in the NT

Learn how to advocate for renewable energy and take action to ensure local candidates get the message: it’s time to bolster the NT economy with renewable energy.​ 

It's important Repower NT Champions are on the same page as we talk about the problems and solutions we’re facing. The messages in our training are what people, including candidates and parties, who are considering renewable energy need to hear.​

Watch our 45-minute training webinar:

Campaign topline

Use this one-liner when you’re campaigning and talking to candidates, friends and family:

“Renewable energy in the NT will create thousands of new jobs and lower power prices. Let’s repower the NT with renewable energy.”

Get informed about renewables

Want to be able to have an informed conversation about renewable energy in the NT? Learn about the potential for renewable energy to boost the NT economy:

  • The 10-point plan: Our Repower NT: 10-Point Plan sets out ten actions for the NT Government to repower the NT with renewable energy, creating thousands of new jobs and lowering power prices.
  • 10 Gigawatt Vision: By 2030, the NT Government could help drive investment in 10 gigawatts of renewables, creating over 8,000 new jobs and over $2 billion in revenue. 
  • The basic facts: The Northern Territory has world-class renewable energy sources. But only a fraction of these resources have been accessed. Here's what you need to know about our energy system and its future potential.
  • Frequently asked questions: Energy is a complex issue not well understood by anyone outside of the industry. That creates an environment where myths and misunderstandings abound. So let's clear them up!
  • A solar-powered economic recovery: learn about how the Environment Centre NT is calling on the NT Government to prioritise renewable energy projects and expertise in its new Territory Economic Reconstruction Commission.

Tips for talking to voters

As a Repower NT Champion, you'll be talking to voters and candidates about renewables. Here are our tips for having impactful conversations. Many of these tips also apply to conversations with friends and families.

  • Before your shift, read our Repower NT Champions Guide
  • Bring a bottle of water, wear a hat, arrive 5 minutes early​
  • Clarify with the co-ordinator about the goal or intention of the day's activity
  • A warm, engaged and relaxed manner works best​
  • Good openers:​ "Good morning! How are you?"​ "Hi! Here's how to vote for renewable jobs"
  • Don't argue. Aim for a short, respectful and factual conversation. Don't get caught up in long debates
  • Collect data: encourage people to join our mailing list. Record people's views. Take notes. It's invaluable!
  • Train the volunteer replacing you
  • At market stalls: Listen first, ask second, tell third. Voter interaction is just as much about understanding voters (their needs, their motivations, the values and the psychology behind their choices) as it is about campaigning​

Tips for impactful language

How you say something matters just as much as what you say. Follow these simple tips to learn how to have an impactful conversation on renewables.

  • Say what you mean. Use simple and easy to understand language
  • Say it over and over again
  • Be transformative! Demonstrate hope for a better future
  • Talk about the lived experiences that people have of the problems and how your solution solves them
  • Always be truthful
  • It's OK that you're not an energy expert. When you don't know the answer to something say "I'm not sure" and connect that person with our Repower NT team
  • In an election, you can’t talk about everything. The more things you talk about, the more diluted our message becomes

Download our Repower NT Champions Guide.